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Welcome to SimXa VIP Retreat Center (VIPRC)

Simxa VIPRC is a new and welcome addition to our non-profit organization. Based in Mandalay Shores of Oxnard California, SimXa VIPRC is positioned to add the kind of follow-up and in-depth learning that's been so much needed for many years. As our annual SimXa Shabbatons continue to attract more and more people, we have seen a growing demand for a more individualized aproach in a private setting, where learning and Jewish experience have an opportunity to blossom and to reach the next level. We have been blessed to have received a significant grant that enabled SimXa to open this special retreat center close to the ocean front in Mandalay Beach, Oxnard.

As we renovate the property to make it comfortable and hospitable to visitors, we are looking forward to host families and individuals with diverse backgrounds and spiritual quests in Judaism. Our doors are open to everyone who is seeking to enrich their Yidishkheit and strengthen their commitment to life of Torah and Mitzvot. We are planning to host a variety of educational seminars as well as real-life experiences in Kashrut, Shabbat and Holiday observance, Family Purity and more. We will also introduce an in-depth coursework in Jewish laws and customs while delving into the texts of Talmud and Shulchan Aruch. We also plan to introduce topics in Jewish Mystisim through the lens of the teachings of Chassidut and other Torah sources. We are looking forward to combining learning with pleasure in the serene and peaceful atmosphere of Mandalay Shores. The opportunities for spiritual growth and enrichment are virtually limtless, and we are excited about this opportunity to provide an unforgettable experience to all our guests and participants. To learn more about the SimXa VIPRC you can contact us by clicking here.

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